• Dr. Mayank Mohan Malra


Introduction: Conventional complete denture for long was the standard of care for all edentulous patients. However, most patients find it difficult to adapt to mandibular denture due to lack of retention and stability. Implant-retained, tissue-supported overdentures are considered an alternative to conventional complete dentures, as well as complex, fixed, implant-supported   prostheses.  In addition removable overdentures are more economical due to the limited number of implants needed and the lower cost of components and can be used as an intermediate prosthetic option till the patient can migrate to fixed implant retained prosthesis.

Case report: A 50 year old female patient presented to the Department of Prosthodontics with missing teeth in maxilla and mandible.Complete denture and implant retained , tissue supported (RP-5) overdenture prosthesis was planned for maxillary and mandibular arch respectively. Impressions were made and jaw relations were recorded. Diagnostic teeth setup was done at appropriate vertical dimension to assess the available restorative space for ball abutments. Bilateraly balanced occlusal scheme was given. Implants placed and after 3 months chair side pick up of of housings was carried out and final prosthesis was delivered to the patient.

Discussion: An implant supported overdenture excels conventional complete denture in retention, stability, chewing, efficiency and phonation. In the above case mandibular anterior region was selected for implant placement as it has sufficient bone in height and width in the interforaminal region and Ball attachment were used as they are less costly, less technique sensitive, easier to clean and less wear or fracture of the components is seen as well as easy replacement as 0 rings can be changed when they wear out very easily. The oral health related quality of life assessment shows a consistently better patient satisfaction and acceptance than with conventional dentures.

Keywords: Ball attachment, Edentulous mandible, Implant overdenture, Overdentures

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