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International Journal of Medical Science and Diagnosis Research (IJMSDR)

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The benefits of publishing in International Journal of Medical Science And Diagnosis Research (IJMSDR), includes: 

1. The manuscript publication charges are to be paid for qualitative manuscript and normal publication process.

2. Fast Track publication hub: Manuscript will appear online as soon as it is ready (review time of paper is 1-2 weeks).

3. Excellent editorial standards with better communication.

4. Access free on-line issue of journals.

5. A precise, fast and constructive peer review process.

6. All abstracts and full text available free on-line to all main universities/institutions worldwide ensures promotion to the widest possible audience.

7. To promote the researchers innovative idea through the fast track publication process and to share their valuable proposal with us, at the same time this organization offers the authors a very less publication charges.

8. If any of the authors and co-authors is part of the editorial board, then this organization offers the various facilities to them.

We shall be glad to receive your technical contributions at your earliest convenience. Please publicize this journal amongst your colleagues for possible contribution and subscription.

Why Choose IJMSDR........? 

1. IJMSDR Publishes Peer reviewed, Open Access cum print version Journals.

2. IJMSDR is an International publication House.

3. IJMSDR Publishes e-books and also supplied print version books on demand.

4. IJMSDR is indexed in International  & leading data base system.

5. Publication charges are to be paid for qualitative manuscript and normal publication process.

6. Paper publishing process is relatively fast and easy.

7. IJMSDR provides individual digital soft and hard copy of certificate on demand to the authors.

8. IJMSDR provide open access journal database system for high visibility and promotion of your articles and research paper.

9. Authors can submit the papers at any time through online submission process.

10. Paper will publish immediately in current issue after accepting the manuscript.

11. IJMSDR accepts original and high quality research, technical and review papers.

12. Authors can download their full length paper at any time with DIDS and DOI number.

13. Author’s queries shall be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

14. IJMSDR provide professional publishing practices.

15. IJMSDRprovide high level of citation system.

16. IJMSDR provide widely read across the globe.

17. IJMSDRprovide high quality reader base articles.

18. IJMSDR  provide Professional editorial service.

19. IJMSDR provide high level of author support.

20. IJMSDR only Quality Work is accepted.

21. IJMSDR open access e-journal.

22. IJMSDR provide quick & easy online submission facility for  manuscript.


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